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Phineas And Ferb Comic Reader #6: The Beak Strikes !

Phineas And Ferb Comic Reader 6

Phineas and Ferb use the mechanical skating outfit they invented to become the superhero the Beak and fight the villain Kakapoopoo.
Your child will love this fantastic book. Written by John Green and the publisher is Disney Press. The child's book went on sale around October of 2011. The book is for ages 96 months and up and is centered on Brothers and sisters as well as Siblings, Spies, Superheroes, Graphic novels, Platypus and Sibling rivalry and it is thought of as wonderful comic books, strips, etc. This version is the 1st ed. has 32 pages and it has colorfully illustrated pages. Based on the series created by Dan Povenmire & Jeff, add to cart by clicking the weblink below.

Disney Press

MPN: FBA-|303788
ISBN: 9781423137405
Author: John Green

When Phineas and Ferb create an indestructible exoskeleton to take on their extreme skate-track obstacle course, they inadvertently become a super hero known as The Beak! And hey, where's Perry…? Things get crazy when a neighborhood super villain sees the post and declares war on the Beak! Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz hatches his latest program — he simply tells the citizens from the Tri-State Area that he's in charge, hoping they go together with it. Isabella immediately starts investigating, and writes an post in regards to the hero within the Fireside Girls Gazette.


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